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Cancer Medications

Including luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) agonists and alkylating agents. Approved in EU.


Inhalation Anesthesia 

US-made inhalation anesthetic agent used for induction and maintenance of general anesthesia during surgical procedures.


Cystic Fibrosis Medications

Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) potentiator used alone or in combination with products to treat cystic fibrosis in patients with certain genetic mutations.


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Boston Biopharma

Boston Biopharma is a US-based pharmaceutical company that specializes in providing the highest quality specialty medications worldwide, especially in emerging countries. We do this through pioneering R&D, and licensing, manufacturing, and commercializing the finest therapeutics, especially oncology, multiple sclerosis, and immunology.

Boston Biopharma is headquartered in the United States with an office in Malta and a manufacturing/R&D site in Lithuania.
With a focus on product quality and operational flexibility, Boston Biopharma develops pharmaceutical products for sale in markets around the world. Our firm brings decades of healthcare industry expertise to some of the most difficult markets.



Boston Biopharma has a growing list of products available for licensing in various markets.


From our US and EU-certified facilities, Boston Biopharma can produce and export our full range of products.


Boston Biopharma has partnered with institutions in many countries to bring our expertise to local markets.

To join us in the development and distribution of medicinal products please contact:

Get in touch with us

For any medical query related to Boston Biopharma’s medicinal products (including requests for medical information or adverse reaction reporting) please send an email to

or call us on: +1 (508) 219-0200.


US Location:
2300 Lakeview Parkway, #700
Alpharetta, GA 30009, USA


​Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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