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Inhalation Anesthesia (Sevoflurane)

Sevoflurane belongs to a group of medicines called general anesthetics. These work by temporarily
reducing the activity of the body’s central nervous system. This causes a complete loss of sensation in
the body, including loss of consciousness allowing surgery to be carried out without pain or distress.
Sevoflurane is a clear colorless liquid, that when put into a special anesthetic machine (vaporizer)
becomes a gas. This mixes with the oxygen you will be breathing in.
Once breathed in (inhaled), Sevoflurane will induce and maintain a deep, pain-free sleep (general
anesthesia) in adults and children.


Sevoflurane is packaged in 250 ml amber-colored bottles, with 6 bottles in each pack.

Read more in the safety data sheet (SDS)

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